Words cannot express the absolute love and adoration I feel towards The Lord Jesus and the team with which He graced Fellowship Bible.  We have experienced sleeplessness, sickness, and oppression from The Enemy -- and there was not a single complaint.  Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He gifted us Matt Perry, Elisa Williams, Cecily Long, Matt Bukholtz, Lauren Brown, Brandi Mize, and Jeremy Maddox.  

There are many, many stories coming from the field, ranging from suicidal individuals being freed from demonic possession to entire villages repenting and confessing Jesus as Lord.  We are not certain of the final numbers, but we do know this:  We now have over 2,400 men and women from India that have been welcomed into the Kingdom of God with much rejoicing.  

Though this is astounding, my heart cannot help feel but heavy for these precious new believers.  It is now that the real work of ministry begins as the masses will need to be discipled into the grace and glory of the King Jesus.  Many, many will face oppression from their families, their employers, and their countrymen.  Pray that Holy Spirit would be so very strong in them that they would endure the hardship of conversion.  Pray for many baptisms and shepherds to come alongside and disciple these precious, precious converts.  You might even pray about joining the work that The Lord is doing here.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  I will post more as information becomes available. 

Your humble servant,

Scott Fitzgerald
John 17